In good health right now? That’s great, but what would happen if you were involved in a car accident next week or if you tripped on a rug and bump your head? What happens when you become incapacitated and you are no longer able handle your affairs? Your Power of Attorney (“POA”) will then be your voice and will look out for your best interests.

If you don’t have a POA and are unable to manage your personal or business affairs, it may become necessary for a court to appoint one or more individuals to act for your medical and financial needs. People appointed in this manner are referred to as guardians or conservators. Typically, for a guardianship or a conservatorship, a court proceeding is necessary. Once in court, you may no longer have the ability to choose the person who will care for your needs. Few people want to be subject to a public proceeding in this manner; consequently, being proactive and creating the appropriate legal documents to avoid this situation is vitally important. Don’t wait, or it may become too late.